Floyd T.

I did my research – had a list of editors, book bloggers, publishers, cover artists, etc. that I wanted to talk to when I was done writing my book. What they don’t tell you is that so many of these people won’t have anything to do with you if you haven’t published already. The two that said they would take me on as a client also told me that they charged people who hadn’t published yet an extra fee that was almost half of what they were charging for the edit. I’m convinced that THIS is why so many authors self-publish books that are less than perfect. Instead of being motivated and excited about taking the next step with the novel I had finished, I was disheartened and ready to quit before I even got started. It was as if the people who are supposed to be helping authors were telling me to just give up. I joined a couple of author groups on Facebook and finally had the nerve to reach out and ask the question that I needed to ask – who out there was willing to help the newbies? Meghan was one of the editors suggested to me, and from the beginning, I knew that she was the one I wanted working on my book. She was very detailed about the work that she puts into each manuscript and has made a very scary situation (I mean, she’s reading my work before even my loved ones have read my book) so simple and easy. She took the time to read my manuscript before we even discussed editing specifics so she could see where I was at and what editing was going to help me the most. The whole process revolves around what me and my book need, and she includes where I want my career to go. Everything is a discussion, and I love that she firmly believes in the author-editor relationship. I am so happy that I didn’t give up, and because of her, my writing is just getting better and better. She doesn’t fix the mistakes you make. She turns those mistakes into teachable moments.