Janice C.

I have followed Meghan’s book blog for some time. She hates romance, no matter how many times she gives it a try. Her reviews are always very specific when it comes to things that she likes and doesn’t like, and why, so as a romance author, I wanted her to be my editor. Getting her feedback was so beneficial. It helped me to realize what it was about romance that turns some people off, things I never thought of before. With her, I was able to make my books even better, and make them books that even those people who don’t like romance may like. She is always open for emails from her clients, even if we’re not current clients, and I love being able to share my ideas with her and get her honest and true feedback. She is the best romance editor I’ve ever had, which she hates to hear, since it “forces” her to read more romance. Now, I send all my romance friends to her when they ask for recommendations. She’s fantastic.