Jakob D.

I am a new, unpublished writer. I’ve really been struggling with putting the story in my head onto paper. I had followed Meghan’s old book blog (The Gal in the Blue Mask) and had spoken to her several times about books, then one day asked if she would be interested in talking to me about the one that I was writing. Even before I hired her as my editor, she was willing to listen to me talk about my story, my characters… and the difficulty I was having with all of them. We exchanged phone numbers and I talked to her twice, both times for well over an hour. She was interested – I mean really interested. She gave me feedback on my ideas and suggested ways that I could get to know my characters better. (She was right that knowing every aspect of them really helped me to write a meaningful and believable story about them.) I even was able to send over what I had written so far so she could take a look, and then called me when she was done for a third conversation. I hadn’t even paid her. This was all out of the kindness of her own heart. With all the feedback that she gave me, I was able to sit down and really get into my story. In fact, I finished the first draft of my first novel just a couple of weeks later. I sent it to her for a developmental edit and her notes were very thorough. It’s now been a year and I have just finished the second draft of my third book in a (at this time) five part series. I am also in discussions with a top five publishing company who want this series. I can’t talk about how much she has helped me enough. (I would buy a billboard, get a pilot to write it in the sky, put it in lights in the Hollywood hills.) If it wasn’t for her, I would still be stuck. Because of her help and insight, I am beginning a writing career I once thought was only a dream.